For Plaintiff Attorneys

At first glance, and rightfully so, it would appear that Jim has worked more on behalf of management than employees. What is important to understand is that Jim has worked very diligently to ensure that the rights of the employees were not violated in any manner. That is why Jim has conducted employee training thereby advising employees of their rights. Furthermore, Jim provides online training for employees especially in the area of sexual harassment and other protected categories. In addition, Jim has also been engaged as an expert on behalf of plaintiffs. From a common sense standpoint, Jim having worked with employers, fully understands any deficiencies found in the employer policies, practices and procedures.

Overworked Employee at a desk

Although Jim has worked with employers to avoid the high cost of litigation, he fully understands that employees have the right to bring a lawsuit against an employer for violations under state and federal guidelines. In fact, as a Master Teacher for the University of Phoenix, Jim for 13 years taught adult students their rights and advised them, when appropriate, to seek counsel when their rights had the appearance of having been violated.

Finally, it is important to note that Jim believes in keeping an open mind and is guided by the facts for a fair determination being presented. The court, defense attorney, and plaintiff attorneys all have the expectation that the experts duly engaged in the case will do so in a manner that will help expedite the matter to a just and final determination.

Jim is available for a consultation if there are any questions regarding the above.

Jim’s curriculum vitae is available for your perusal by Clicking here.